Finer Options For The Best Videos And Animations In Marketing



Finer Options For The Best Videos And Animations In Marketing

GIF animations are used not only for pampering, but they also play an important role in terms of marketing and training. Therefore, we even tried to use them on our main page instead of animations made using code. In the end, people started asking us: “How do you create GIF-animations?”. It’s time to reveal the secret.

  1. The secret ingredient

Here is my little secret: all my GIF-animations were first video files. Experts usually use Animation Ant, which by the way we also use to create videos of our products. This is a simple program that at the same time contains many useful animation tools.

After we save the animation as a video file, I import it into Photoshop via File> Import> Video Frames As Layers.

Tip: If Animation Ant or After Effects is too expensive for you, create an animation in Keynote and export it as a video. Finally, at least some use of this feature in Keynote.

  1. Less Flowers = More Fun

If you want to make cool GIF-animations, then you need to approach the choice of color with particular trepidation. This will not only affect the file size but also allow you to create longer animations with small file size. (For me, small is less than 1MB)

  1. Use motion blur if possible.

Programs like Animation Ant and After Effects allow you to export video using motion blur. This will not only give your animation a professional look but also simplify the process of reducing the file size in Photoshop.

  1. Be (partly) lazy

Imagine what other elements we could add to the GIF animation at the beginning of this post. People do not need to see all this to get a general understanding of what they see, so show only what you need – you are limited in time and file size. For the videos created from scratch this is the best deal.

Export GIF Animations

Before you start worrying about the tips below, try exporting your GIF animation. If it is of an acceptable size, great job! Continue in the same spirit. Otherwise, try the following methods.